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Una Regatta

The most famous and higly appreciated rafting/kayak regatta in Bosnia & Herzegovina is the one organized each summer on Una river. This precious, breathtaking river is under protection of the government and one of the possible National Parks of the future, more ecologically aware Bosnia&Herzegovina.

35th International Touristic Una Regatta, organized by Tourist Community of Una-Sana Canton, will take place on Una river, July 25-28 2007. This year’s program includes three stages of various difficulties.

Basic information:

Camp sites:  Kulen Vakuf, Štrbački Buk, Bihać and Bosanska Krupa

Experienced kayakers and divers will provide help.

Registration fee : 55,00 KM includes the following:

  1. insurance
  2. tourist tax
  3. minor repairs of equipment and things
  4. transport of equipment and things
  5. first aid

Participants can bring their own camping equipment or rent it at each camp site.

Meals and food are provided at convenient prices at each camp site.

Rich cultural and entertainment program will be organized at 8PM at each camp site.


First day – Wednesday, July 25th 2007
Opening Ceremony: Kulen Vakuf

Second Day – Thursday, July 26th 2007
First stage: Kulen Vakuf – Štrbački Buk
Water difficulty: 2-3
Start time: 1PM

Third day – Friday, July 27th 2007
Second stage: Štrbački Buk – Bihać
Water difficulty: 3-4
Start time: 9AM

Fourth day – Saturday, July 28th 2007
Third stage: Bihać – Bosanska Krupa
Water difficulty: 2-3
Start time: 9AM

Note : Participants take part at their own risk!

I couldn’t find any information about whom to contact, so I pressume it’s one of those Bosnian-specific Just-Show-Up-At-The-Place events. Tourist agencies should have some contacts though.


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