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Road to Mostar

I travelled through Bosnia&Herzegovina a lot. Mostar is one of the places I’ve been to many times. You’d think I’d get bored of the same road I take every time. But I’m not. It goes through canyon of Neretva, Herzegovian beauty, and passes by many beautiful mountains.

Road from Sarajevo to Mostar 1

I haven’t taken many photos of this road though. Any road actually. I usually keep my camera somewhere out of reach while driving and miss many beautiful shots. But browsing through my old photos, I found a few that might be interesting to those who are wondering about the quality of this road.

Road from Sarajevo to Mostar 2

This is one of the best roads in Bosnia&Herzegovina in terms of quality. It’s pretty straight and with less number of bumps and obstacles than the average. There are a few places where stone avalanches (what the English term for this?) are possible during the winter, but they are mostly well secured with proper wires. Speed limit is mostly the usual 60km/h (40km/h on some parts) and I would suggest to anyone not familiar with the road not to drive too much above it.

Road from Sarajevo to Mostar 3

The road goes through quite a few little towns and villages and passes by Jablaničko Lake. The railroad follows it constantly, sometimes on the left, sometimes on the right side. Sometimes it’s above and rarely below the road. There are many cute bridges and deserted old train stations on the way.

Road from Sarajevo to Mostar 4

I think road from Sarajevo to Mostar is one of the most beautiful roads I have ever seen (not that I’ve seen too many :-)). It takes my breath away each time.


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